Nintendo is going to get their butt handed to them next month. Between the release of Mario Kart 8, Kirby Triple Deluxe, and Mario Golf: World Tour, that's 206 points they're losing for the June edition. For context, only the rest of the games leaving by every other publisher in May, including those on Nintendo platforms AND Watch Dogs, are only 65 points. Even if none of those points went back into other Nintendo games (I'm looking at you X and Smash Bros), Nintendo would still retain its throne as the #1 publisher with ease. It would just be leading by about 150 points instead of 350.

Upon the recent Smash Bros Direct, I concluded that I could no longer count the two versions as the same game. Just too many differences, the release date being the least of them. That said, the 3DS version being distinct has helped both that version and the entire 3DS platform; after Kirby leaves this month, Smash will be the only big game left for the system. On the bright side, Tomodachi Life may make up for some of the lost ground, now that it's been confirmed for a Western release.

The PS3 fell a fair amount without this month's JRPG releases, but the PS4 made up for it by having no less than seven of the top 20 skus. This included one for the newly announced Batman: Arkham Knight, which is sure to remain a regular until its release next year. No, not this holiday. Next year. I seriously doubt that the game will be released at most a year after the last Arkham game, if only for business reasons. But I digress.

The 360 popped up again, but the Xbone doesn't need any help from it anymore. With 220 points, it may only be a bit over half as big a platform as the PS4, but considering the fanbase of the PS4 is bigger, especially on VGChartz, that's a respectable sum. One thing that we know from the Xbox vote is that shooters will likely continue to dominate; the Top 4 One games are all shooters.

The Vita fanbase was reinvigorated by a number of announcements this month. None of the top 20 skus were Vita games, but the platform will likely surpass the 3DS in this feature for some time to come.

Last, the PC. It's big announcement this month was that new Civilization game. Besides that, the PC fanbase is still relying on multiplats more than their console brethren.

Love and tolerate.