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After around 2 month of abscence here is an update list and the thread update has already been done.

February -

·         15/2-14: Transformers: Rise of the Dark  Spark announced for Wii U

·         Project Cars is slated for Quarter 4

 20/2-14 – Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate (Digital)  announced – NA & EU release, 2/4


Mars –

·         One Piece Unlimited World Red announced for PAL territories: 2014

·         The Amazing Spider-Man 2 release date: 29/4, NA; 02/5, EU

·         Lego the Hobbit release date: 08/4, NA; 11/4, EU

·         Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark release date: 24/6, NA and EU

·         How To Train Your Dragon 2 announced for Wii U and will release in June


April –

·         Smash Bros U will release this Winter worldwide


·         Watch Dogs might release this fall for Wii U

/AlphaCielago, the absent creator

I'll update again when the next batch of info has come. See you hopefully soon again! :P

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