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Yeah....great thread...really -.-

Also great comments by some of the Xbox fans in here, of course all the negative scores are by PS fanboys and of course those 145 fanboys are completely representative of the entire PS fanbase, it's not like this game is a FPS (the genre where different fanbases need to shit on each more than with any other genre) from the developers of COD (which in the internets opinion is literally the worst game series to ever grace the face of the earth) and published by EA (aka gamings equivalent of Hitler), all negative scores must exclusively come from the PS fanbase that is just secretly jealous that they don't get to play this game. And all those 10/10 are of course only from customers that are giving their 100% honest, unbiased and of course entirely legitimate opinion.

I wonder if I should make a thread as well when Infamous inevitably gets a bunch of zeroes and ask if X1 owners are already bored with Titanfall or something. Seriously get of your high horses.