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-replaying FF7 again...
-Just started on Dead Space 3, I had the first 2 of those sat on my shelf for way too long so now I was aiming to clear all of them in a Row like I did when gears 3 came out
-tried a psn game called Guakamelee or so... weird really funny little jump in a play thing, not sure if I'll go back and finish it but looks cool.

Games which have gone way too long on my shelf which are untouched and must get played
-Resi evil 4
-Twilight Princess
-Mario Galaxy 2
-Uncharted 1-3+golden abyss
-Dead Rising 1+2
New games which were bought and instantly dropped on the shelf still sealed
Mgs rising revengensescesess raidens's'ss's, tearaway, Mod nation racers roadtrip, gravity rush, Tomb Raider, Neverdead, Unit13, a link between worlds, the 2 3ds prof layton games.... I legit need to stop buying games.

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