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     What do you prefer? 2D Sonic games or 3D Sonic games and why? Even if both have their ups and downs, I think 2D Sonic games are easily better. The majority of the good 2D Sonic games offer control. This means that you can  either speed through the stages or you go slowly and explore to find hidden goodies. They are simple and straight-foward.  Sonic Rush has the boost gameplay, but it's nowhere as important as in Unleashed, Colors and Generations. You can  do this kind of exploration in some of the 3D games, but either the controls  aren't smooth  enough or the exploration aspect is more limited ( Generations is the only 3D Sonic game that has smooth controls and tons of exploration as well)

      My problem with  3D Sonic games is that most of them are either gimmicky or too flawed. I only enjoy the Sonic, Tails and Knuckles levels in the original Sonic Adventure ( I am Ok with Amy and E-102 Gamma levels), I only enjoy the Sonic and Shadow levels in SA2 ( even if  the SA1 Sonic  levels are better designed overall), Sonic Heroes is  an OK game, but it has many camera and control issues.

      I don't think I need to comment on Shadow the Hedgehog or Sonic 06, Sonic and the Secret Rings has horrendous controls and the whole on-rails thing is just complete crap, Sonic Unleashed is  boost to win for the most part  and the Werehog levels are complete crap and the Black Knight has the same issues as the Secret Rings, but only worse. Colors/Generations are great and Lost World is fun, but very flawed.

    So.. What do you prefer? The 2D Sonic games or 3D Sonic games?

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