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sundin13 said:
Yet Iwata has stated that the feature will cut boot times by over 50%...I don't see how you aren't comprehending this @.@

Iwata said the vitality sensor would be out in 2010 and that they would sell 9 million Wii U's in FY 2013 too. I'm just not understanding why, if he is confident in that, the mockup video showed the pace it did. My most logical guess is that they know that this is the speed it will run at, and the '50%' line is based on 'internal testing' of 'how long it takes people to select a menu item once the system is loaded.

If they are confident that it will take 'over 50%' of the load times off the actual system and not just the user process of events, why would they choose to represent this amazing improvement via such a conservative video in which the load times are only about five seconds shorter? And as I said above, I tested repeatedly with my own Wii U console and the video to arrive at this figure.