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sundin13 said:
VitroBahllee said:
sundin13 said:
They already stated that this should be able to cut the time it takes to jump into a game in half (or more)...

I hope everyone realizes that the video is a simulation and not a demonstration...

So they make a simulation... and arbitrarily decide to make it take as long as the Wii U currently takes to boot up, when they could 'simulate' faster load times?

Do you not remember the videos they made showing the faster load times before, when they were preparing to launch their major OS update? Two side by side consoles, loading into NSMB U? They absolutely are showing the exact load time of this, that's the point of the demonstration.

The previous videos were to say "this is our update and how it changes and improves things"

This short video was to say "we will be implimenting a new feature and here is how it works"

Sounds to me like you are complaining for the sake of complaining. Do you honestly think that Nintendo releasing a mediocre simulation video of a good concept that has been stated to cut boot times in half is worth making a thread over?

Just think about it for a just made a thread because you didn't really like a 30second simulation video released during an investors meeting........


You seem desperate to be pleased by something that seems to hold no value. This 'feature' is the software equivalent of a crosswalk button that doesn't actually do anything, and you are surprised I'm weirded out by it. Trying to call me out for being pathetic for making this thread doesn't magically make it a wonderful feature. I'm really shocked by how defensive hardcore Nintendo fans are. I mean during the Wii phase when the Wii was constantly mocked I was just like you. But it didn't really benefit me in any way to act like I was the message board defense lawyer for Nintendo. Now that I'm encountering this same sort of talk from people who think I don't own a Wii U (or why else would I have anything bad to say) or people trying to insult me for merely pointing out that this isn't actually a helpful update, I realize how ridiculous I must have seemed back in 2007-2008 when I did that to other people.