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AstroGamer said:
VitroBahllee said:
AstroGamer said:

No I mean directly shortening the time isn't what Nintendo since it isn't obvious. What Nintendo is showing is shortening the boot time by skipping a certain process since that is obvious

What you're saying makes no sense, conceptually or grammatically. 

Here's an analogy. You are trying to get to a certain place so you run. You can either pick up the pace or you can cut across a park to your destination. Which will shorten your trip by a decent amount no matter what? Cutting across the park. If you try speeding up, it may be faster but you can't easily tell unless you have a stopwatch but cutting across the park reduces the total distance by a decent chunk.

Alright, I think I see the comparison you're trying to make. My point is just that the video reveals the actual boot time of the system and game isn't any shorter, they've just put the game selection at the front. If you were sitting there with the controller and clicked the game as it came up on the prexisting menu, it wouldn't take any less time than what they've shown in the video. So the only way this could save you time is if you clicked the game you wanted and set the controller down and walked away from it, which would make no sense if you were trying to get the game started ASAP anyway, as you would be holding the controler and ready to game.

I finally see your argument, and I guess all I'm saying is that it holds no water in 99% of real life situations, based on the visual demonstration.