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ListerOfSmeg said:
VitroBahllee said:
AstroGamer said:
VitroBahllee said:

What the heck does your post even mean?

They just presented this video at the investor meeting as a new 'quick boot' feature.

My post means that booting into a game faster isn't something you are going to advertise, you put it in the update notes. This quick boot just skips the miiverse plaza. If you directly compared the booting times, its likely that the time from pressing power is shorter in the quick boot mode

They thought it was so important of a point that they showed it at their investor's meeting to try to impress investors.  Do you understand the context of this video? They thought it was so impressive that it would placate angry investors.

Had that been the only thing shown you would have a valid point.


Okay so you do not own a Wii U and this has no impact on you in any way, yet you had to make a thread about it to complain and blowing it out of propertion as if it was the only announcement. All I can say is keep the hate alive.

I absolutely own a Wii U and have had it since launch day. I am complaining about this because I don't see the point of even implementing this feature. I got excited when I saw they were implementing a 'quick boot' feature and then I got disappointed when I realized it wasn't any faster.

Why would you assume I don't have a Wii U because of my complaint? Do I have to be unable to admit being unimpressed with something Nintendo does to be a cardcarrying Wii U owner?

flagstaad said:

Some times appereance is more important than reallity. I read a story once, about some engineers that had a problem with the speed of 2 elevators, they did not know how to fix the issue, they could not increase the speed or people will get motion sickness, and they could not add a 3rd one, cause it was impossible, the solution was to add mirrors on the halls and inside the elevators, the elevators took the same amount of time reaching their destination, but now people had something to do while waiting, so they stop complaining about the speed, because they felt it had improved.

This is true - from an engineering standpoint it might cause a psychological effect in some people. But I will not be one of those people because I can tell it's having no effect from the get go, hence no placebo benefit for me.