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VitroBahllee said:
JoeTheBro said:
Looked fast enough to me.

I'm just saying: I own a Wii, and that's no faster than it loads now. It's just in a different order. It gives the user the impression they are in control earlier, then takes the same amount of time to load.

It's like buttons at crosswalks that don't really do anything - it gives an illusion to someone who isn't thinking about it very closely.

Some times appereance is more important than reallity. I read a story once, about some engineers that had a problem with the speed of 2 elevators, they did not know how to fix the issue, they could not increase the speed or people will get motion sickness, and they could not add a 3rd one, cause it was impossible, the solution was to add mirrors on the halls and inside the elevators, the elevators took the same amount of time reaching their destination, but now people had something to do while waiting, so they stop complaining about the speed, because they felt it had improved.