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JGarret said:
AZWification said:
JGarret said:
Imo, it was the last good Final Fantasy.Later, Square started going down the crappy path.

I have a (very) small hope FFXV can revive the series for me.

         I don't think FFXV will revive the franchise, but   it is probably going to be a good game.

That´d be good enough for me.I don´t like the online only Final Fantasies, and I didn´t find FFXII very enjoyable, FFXIII is shit, so if FFXV manages to be better than those two games, that´s...something, considering the state of SquareEnix nowadays.

      Yeah. Nowadays,  most of the good Square Enix published  games are  made either by Eidos or Crystal Dynamics.. Hopefully that changes  this gen. Not saying Eidos and CD are bad, but I simply want SE to put some effort into their own damn games as well.. Hope I am not asking for too much..

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