t3mporary_126 said:
Soundwave said:
RolStoppable said:
A handheld can't replicate Wii Sports.


Can it iterface with a Wiimote?

Can it wirelessly or via an HDMI out send a video signal to the TV?

If the answers there are yes, sure you could play Wii Sports on it for when "grandpa comes over" or whatever. 

Not that I think Wii Sports is really all that important any more anyway. Yesterday's news. As expected Wii Sports Club isn't doing much for the Wii U. Bowling and Tennis gets old after 6 years. 

This technology seems expensive. Plus is it justifiable for the next console like Zelda game too look similar to Wii U because Nintendo chose to make an impressive handheld with graphics like the Wii U but not higher? 

The technology isn't that expensive actually. The Vita is already $199.99 and about half way between a Wii and Wii U. It's probably closer to the Wii U honestly. 

By the time a new Nintendo handheld is ready to go, the Vita will be ancient tech, probably in the $129.99 a pop range.