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Loud and proud. Imagine if we didn't? Place would be like N4G.

Out of chaos comes order, it just needs time with no external forces ;)

No it simply exchanges hands into the more dangerous.

Or in this case shit, N4G is shit and it isn't any better for lack of moderation.

And you're not allowed to talk shit about gays because it's barbaric and is being stamped out. Nobody cares for those ignorant opinions.

The same could be said for this place from the perspective of another forum like Neogaf, so what you perceive as hell is another mans paradise, it's all about perspective.

Best course of action is to increase ones perspective, and a better person you'll be, no need to hate :)

Btw way it's NOT babaric to have ones own opinion, we should all be free to have our own opinions what ever they may be, what you sir are calling for is a theocracy where thought crime is to be punished and stamped out, sorry but that's not the mentallity we need in our modern age. In fact it's babaric to think a difference of opinion should be stamped out, shame on you....but hey that's just my opinion, and like ass holes, we all have one.

Absolutely, Doesn't mean it's right or acceptable though, look at places like afganistan where women that are raped are persecuted. I'm sure lots of people there think it's fine, but it isn't, nothing about perspective.

People that have any kind of irrational hate need to be educated, but more importantly it needs to be drummed into them it isn't acceptable in a civilised society.

And yes, it is barbaric to be homophobic, and irrational as I've said. Thankfully the western world agrees with me, and they're not welcome in places like VGC and Neogaf, but are in places like N4G, where the place is populated with thick idiot fanboys. What does that suggest to you?

what I'm trying to figure out tho Jake is are you really asking that it would be fine to have homophobic threads and posts on here because it would be so open minded? But any gay people who are talking about issues they're having or w/e normally don't hate on hetrosexual people, I can't really say I've ever encountered a... hetrophobic gay person, if that makes sense to you?

LGBT people aren't trying to make you change your ways, you should do the same. (if you dont like people for being gay that's pretty much fine by me, but I don't get what posting anti gay stuff would achieve if this is your point)

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