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Metrium said:
Kaizar said:
Metrium said:

I've seen Man of Steel, This is the End, World War Z, Pacific Rim, Fast and Furious 2, Elysium and Great Gatsby. Really liked them all, did'nt dislike any of them :) (but have to admit I was slightly disapointed with Elysium, not that it was bad by any means, it's probably only because my expectation were to high, it rocked on the action department tho).

My favorite was by far Man of Steel followed by This is the End. Voted for This is the End on the poll due of lack of man of steel.

What did you think about the 3D in the 3D movies you saw, like The Great Gatsby & Pacific Rim & World War Z?

Only saw Pacific Rim in 3D, it was ok, It was even very good at some moments. I thought with all the action the 3D would be bothersome but it did'nt bother me at all.

Saw WWZ in 2D and saw Gatsby on BlueRay

WWZ is much more scarier in 3D, and the Great Gatsby is more astounding in 3D then Pacific Rim, and the Great Gatsby is on 3D Blu-Ray.