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Lots of series are overrated or over hyped for one reason or another.

Take the Metal Gear Solid series for example. It's filled with obnoxiously long dialogue especially with the codec for example and the storyline is pretty bad in places. I guess Kojima has or had dreams of being a movie director but it's obvious why he isn't one (at least to me). Anyways these things seem to detract a lot from the game, at least in my opinion.

Or take Super Smash Brothers Brawl, a game that is getting hyped to death. If Sakurai had instead made the game with Sony characters would Nintendo fans be so hyped? Would they even care about the game? Shouldn't a game as hyped as Brawl stand up regardless of what characters are used? Exactly and the reason in my opinion that it doesn't is because nostalgia plays a big part in many of Nintendo's games. Super Mario Galaxy, imagine if the exact same game had been made by EA but with non-Nintendo characters and enemies. Would it be at over 5 million sales right now? Doubtful. Would Nintendo fans be calling it the "other" greatest game ever? Not likely.

Oh and before anyone accuses me of trolling I'm just pointing out that the same situation exist with many franchise titles and characters, obviously it's okay to do with Halo so it should be okay to do with any series. To me games like Portal that really deserve a lot of hype (and which it got thankfully) are not as common as a lot of people would like to think.