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Not sure how reliable this source is, but I can see it.

Wii U (32GB) w/Nintendo Land + Zelda: WW for $299.99 this holiday (white or black) would be my prediction. If its $269.99-$279.99, all the better.

Makes sense because Zelda: WW likely cost Nintendo very little to up-port to HD resolution with some gamepad functionality, but it adds a good amount of value to the overall Wii U package and Nintendo Land can stay because it demos the Wii U game pad properly.

And it doesn't interfere with sales of other games .... I think Nintendo still wants to squeeze standalone sales for NSMBU for example, the sales that its sitting at now isn't good enough and if NSMBU is bundled it may dissuade some people from buying Mario 3D World for instance.

$199.99 12GB PS3 I can see happening too.