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Weedlab said:
aikohualda said:

no love for the williams sisters???


LOL! Nina. I played with her a lot over the years. Not so much her sister. Too much elegance in her moves. xD But she sexy though. 


HA! Am I the only one who found the first part of the Nina statement HILARIOUS lol(I am at work bored smh)


Tekken all the way T5: DR was indeed teh ebst but I LOVE the system in T6 and TTT 2 I used to think that it was VERY unbalanced(which it still is) but when you learn what moves punish others best and what to look out for the games(T6 and TTT2) are two of the best in the series! Loads of fun, some folks just taking the games way to seriously lol.

I am also a fan of the Naruto games on PS3 all of them. And there are others but Tekken is what I play above any and everything else and I am a prett good player!

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