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RVDondaPC said:
The Lone Ranger is getting terrible reviews, but I thought it was a very well made movie. I think a lot of people are watching the movie expecting`it to be Michael Bay esque mindless action and the context of the intelligent plot and characters are going right over the reviewers heads. Pretty sad, because I think it's one of the better Summer Blockbuster films and Gore Verbinski is one of the few people that can make big action packed adventures, while not having completely thoughtless plots with a million holes in them. Wish more people would give this movie a chance, because I want more movies like this.

Yeah, I heard only 1 review of is movie, and the film critic complained that it had a complex or complicated storyline.

At the end it sounded like he just wanted a simple dumb Storyline action flick about the old west, like a lot of western movies back in the day of Western Movies being a fad.

After hearing his review, it sounded like I would really like it. Even though he said nothing but bad things about it, but what he said made it awful sounded like a really good movie. He did say he like the last 30 minutes though, but that's usually the part of the movie thats just summing up everything that was already put into place for a final finally.

But there are way too many 3D movies this year, so I have to use Netflix for 2D only movies.