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Mr Puggsly said:
KungKras said:

At least they wouldn't get the bad food from a place that's funded by tax payers.

If you think kids will go to fast food chains, why are you against making it harder for them to eat unhealthy? Can you really not see the difference in offering a healthy option versus handing kids cholesterol on a silver plate?

Why do I care if they have bad food at a place funded by tax payers? I'm bothered schools are wasteful with tax payer money.

I have no desire in making laws on how people are allowed to eat. Especially at a place they're forcing kids to be at. There should be healthy options, that's where schools often fail. But this isn't about options, this is about letting laws strip away peoples rights.

You said yourself they they could just go to MacDonalds if they wanted to. Noone is taking away any rights. Also, if there only was one healthy alternative at the school, it would cost less than having all the options, and the costs of supplying bad food would be pushed into the private sector (which is what you want anyway, right?