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Mythmaker1 said:

I don't have a whole lot of confidence in my numbers, but I might as well put my money where my mouth is.

On the condition that I add 5K from my "rest of world" to my US total (I fudged the numbers  a bit so I could get round figures for those two values), I'm good for it. 

So its this.... I win if over [Japan=87k] [Europe=54k] [US=78k]. If you understand then bets on! Remember its just one bet! So the person to get 2 right wins but if they get all 3 they get an extra month! good luck! Funny thing is each come out seperate weeks

Actually, if over [Japan=87k] [Europe=54k] [US=75k], then you win (since all I wanted was for my estimate of 40K to be 45K).

And to be clear, these would be physical retail-sold units, not +digital or shipped figures. So as they appear on this site. Of course, since these games release on different days of the week, during 3 separate weeks, it might get a bit confusing.

Anyway, if everything is settled, then it's a bet.

I'm more confident in your numbers than tbone's, but I hope he wins. ~_~

Pikmin wasn't really that popular on the 'Cube, but I could see this being the best selling Pikmin game now that the IP has gotten more exposure through SSB and Nintendoland.

Also guys, remember that you have to consider a certain percentage of sales will be digital, meaning they can't be tracked.


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