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Einsam_Delphin said:
lestatdark said:
Einsam_Delphin said:
lestatdark said:
I got the game a couple of days ago, as the reward for registering 3 games on club nintendo.

While I haven't played SP much (i'm currently on mission A-5) and have only done 3 online games (5F Normal Polterpup chases), the only glitch I saw so far was a gold bar getting stuck on a piece of furniture and it wouldn't unstuck no matter what I did.

You have only scraped at the surface of all the glitches to come my friend. :)

@FOX: Coulda been the "Year of Luigi" thing. :L

I really hope I don't get one of the game breaking glitches that were on the page that FOX posted, those seem really nasty :/. 

It's the second Nintendo game in less than a year that has at least a severe and rather easy-to-get game breaking bug. Something must be slipping in the Q&A.

Oh? What was the other game? Also developed by NextLevelGlitches? :L

Skyward Sword also had a game-breaking bug, where you had to visit the Fire, Water and Thunder dragons, but if you visted the Thunder Dragons and speak to the Goron nearby before doing any of the other two, they would become unaccessible and you could no longer progress in the game. 

Edit - My bad, Skyward Sword came out in late 2011. Make that two games in less than two years.

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