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So there have been rumours going around for maybe an hour now (coming from a tweet) that a Mario and Sonic racing title is in the works. So, if this happends, will it be a good thing for Nintendo (I'm not even going to bother to as if it is for SEGA)? Since I'm pretty sure that the title would be for Wii U (only one mario kart pr. console), it will of cource sell systems. But will it do more than a stand alone Mario Kart? Nintendo would get help on developing the title, but they would also need to share the revenue of the software (remind you, MK on ds sold close to 30 million, the Wii game sold over 30 million), which is a lot of money. But the game woud be out sooner (probably) with the help of SEGA, and Nintendo needs to get stuff out this christmas.  


What do you think? How much would such a game sell? Would it do more than just a Mario Kart U? Will Nintendo benefit from this?


And here is a link to the MK/Sonic racing story: