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theman88 said:

I am a huge fan of IRON MAN, and with all of the positive news about the movie including this article from IGN: , I had to say something. This movie was TERRIBLE!

1) Almost every serious moment lost credibility or tone because of poorly timed comedy. I know this is Tony Stark and Iron Man is FUNNY. But the last two movies didnt continually undermine the tone with uneeded comedy.

2) There was not NEARLY ENOUGH ACTION.... there too much tony as a human time, there was very little suit time. And for the lack of action that was Iron Man 2, i expected a lot more. They could have done so much more. The suits at the end of the movie didnt nearly get the screen time that i thought they would. the big giant suit that we see in the trailer, holds up a platform that Tony and Rhodes are standing on... thats it.

3) the villain role switch was just too much for me. I understand that there are twists, where the main villain throughout the film is turned out to a puppet for someone else. But this? I mean I was shocked as the "mandarin" was just joked about in the scene at the mansion. Am i the only one that didnt like this? And before you say it, the twist with the TDKR and Talia was COMPLETELY different.... Bane was still Bane, she was the mastermind. There was no joke made about someone that we were continually made to expect as being the villian

4) The Extremis.... they never EVER explain why something that causes you to regenerate you body makes you able to breathe fire or melt objects. They just added it in there 

5)The ending! Holy Shit the ending....I couldve put up with everything else and it would have been a GOOD movie. But the ending absolutely killed it for me. Why would he blow up all the suits? I guess this was done in the comics, but after everything else that they changed.... this is what they kept? And they never explain how pepper gets fixed, just that tony did it. And losing the chest piece? They made it seem very simple, but i guess they were trying to highlight his dependence on it. I dont know I just feel like they boxed themselves in a corner for where the next movies could go. Biggest thing for me was there not enough suit time and if you know anything about the comics.... this movie said FUCK IT, to them. 


1.  It's really no different than the other two movies + Avengers.

2.  I agree, I felt they cheaped out on the budget and just left one fight scene (Cool fight scene).  Or the director wasn't as experienced in action films and didn't know how to add fight scenes in (Gotta give Favreau credit here.)

3.  This was disappointing to me cause Mandarin is pretty viscious of a villain.  But as my friend said it "You can have aliens, but magic is no".  Disappointing to make the scientist dude Mandarin at the end of it too.  On top of this, they actually teased Mandarin's rings in the first film, so having a fake Mandarin and a make shift Mandarin is even more disappointing. 

4.  What was there to explain?  Extremis started out as a way to change the biology of a subject.  It was expanded for military use, thus the super strength and fire breathing.  Can't remember if it was directly stated, but they did mention how its use got perverted.

5.  Stark destroyed the suits because Pepper didn't like that he spent all his time on them instead of with her.  Stark did it to show her that she's his first priority.  What needed to be shown for pepper getting healed?  Her getting an injection?  That stuff can and was done off screen.  As far as removing the shrapnel was concerned; Tony now had the means to regenerate organs, so whatever damage they did to his heart would be repaired.  Not having the means to repair his heart is why he never did the operation before, and why Yinsen could only remove what he could.