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axumblade said:
Argh_College said:
This Thread Delivers, Kinect is more close to 30m now than 20m predicted by this beast!

According to the site it hasn't hit 20 million yet...And while i was contemplating banning you for necrobumping, I read a few posts questioning its ability to top Wii Sports Resort and San Andreas. It looks like it's definitely going to top San Andreas. My question is how high it can get on the list.

It will probably end up at around 22-23 million so my guess would be it will either end up at #12 or #13.  Considering Kinect Adventures is the only title that's still in the top 100 out of those listed, it's not going to really have to worry with trying to outpace any of those titles....

Well it's at 24m units shipped (December 2012), though closer to 30m (25m shipped) than 20m as of now is still a bit of a stretch.
I think 360 shipped 1.3m units last quarter, so Kinect shipments should be ~500k or so higher now(assuming it wasn't "overstocked").