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Michael-5 said:
theRepublic said:
Oh, good question. Tough one though. It is really hard to define myself by just one game. If I had to narrow it down, maybe Metroid Prime or The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Why Major'as Mask specifically, out of all the Zelda's? Most people like OoT better, but I've always prefered MM as well.

I really like Ocarina of Time, too.  It is my second favorite Zelda game.

The world of Majora's Mask just seems so alive.  It seemed like a better fit for your question of what type of game defines me as a gamer.

That's true, makes you one of the few who prefers MM over OoT. Those two were also my favorite Zelda's, but I haven't played Skyward Sword or Twlight Princess much.

I really like Skyward Sword.  I don't know why it gets so much hate around here.  I would put Twilight Princess somewhere below Skyward Sword.

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