Michael-5 said:
shinsa said:

I play quite a bit of games hardcore through out the years but the stand outs are....

Street Fighter and Both Devil May Cry Series 

Im a Tourney SF 2, Alpha and 4 player.... Unfortunatly not 3 :( even though i love 3

I have 100% complete beating on all difficulties and bloody palace in all DMC games from 1-4 (yes even 2.....) and DmC with SSS rankings 

back in my prime i even beat DMC3 on DWD mode which is a fan made up mode where you played DMD (the highest difficulty) from a new game (meaning you start the game from scratch with out new game plus)   

That's dedication, I did that for Vanquish, but I think DMC 1-3 is harder to 100%.

Im obsessed with the DMC series......:$  My GF thinks i have a problem (i probably do) because i have all the comics, mangas, novels, so figure's/statues, artbooks, the atrocious Anime and of course games.......

I must also confess i 100% the games on ps2 back in the day and re 100% the games on ps3, expect DMC2 because that game is really bad.

It's also the fact that at the time i couldnt afford many games so i would play one game for a good while.