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    The Worst Looking Game of Each Gen.

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 July 2017

    what comes to mind randomly for me is...spidrrman 2, max payne, Devils third, MvC infinite (saddly :( )...

    Write 17

    Tekken 7 online in a nutshell.

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 July 2017

    as a fighting game fan all i can say is practice more at the game. There has been lots of juggling in Tekken so if your afraid of getting trapped in it work on your defences. Many mistakes people make in tekken is going all out offence. If your serious about getting better then check out some tourney players or character tutorials on how to control them better. as for SF....its actually very...

    Write 68

    I forgot how frustrating is Uncharted gameplay

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 July 2017

    I face palm at some of the comments in this thread. All i have to say to a select few is "double standards" Anyways i haven't had any issues with the controls fate the first patch on PS3....

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    Stop that Kojima Konami Drama

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 July 2017

    Mystro-Sama said: jason1637 said: Has an over rated developer. Metal Gear games arent even that good. How DARE you!? :O LOL what an obvious troll! Thats like me saying something silly like "Zelda is overrated, its not even good!" Hey your allowed to have an opinion and thats great but next time maybe be abit more constructive.    Anyways i dont see a...

    Write 143

    I think SNESSuper Famicom Mini is a rip off. Why I suggest not buying.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 July 2017

    I think the price is to steep as well....however considering the responses in this thread, most dont think it is. Which is sad because i feel that this could easily be $20 cheaper. I love the SNES, but considering the price and it being Nintendo i think ill save myself the headache and stick to emulation on my PC. Also no Chrono trigger and FF2 is such a deal breaker for me!...

    Write 58

    Overwatch vs Splatoon

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 June 2017

    Overwatch 100% ...

    Write 114

    I don't like the direction Sony is taking

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 June 2017

    I sigh at so many ignorant comments in this thread...    Tbh im pretty sure Sony lets there first party studios create a game they envisioned....with of course some restrictions.   I dont see a company narrow focused like Nintendo, i see a company with tons of variety. What most people are forgetting is story telling is done in more then one way; cinematic, text, visually,...

    Write 56

    Will the paywall kills Splatoon ?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 January 2017

    bdbdbd said: celador said: I know because I've used all three and Nintendo's is the worst, I stopped playing Splatoon because of the crappy service. And the games they are going to be offering with the service are really old and they are only giving out one a month. Really? I thought the whole online system was being revamped for Switch - pretty much one of the keypoints...

    Write 89

    Capcom: we have no plans at the moment regarding Resident Evil on Switch

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 January 2017

    KJN said: Renna Hazel said: Resident Evil 7 looks really boring. I'll take a port of RE4 though. I'm almost sure this will happen.   Earily Reviewers are already saying that Re7 gets the Re1 vibe of an real horror game. Sure if you just want to play call of duty with zomvies Re4 or 5 will be "better" for you, but as a horror game nothing comes close to Re7. And its...

    Write 185

    Aonuma says Zelda: Breath of the Wild doesn’t have an option for dual audio

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 January 2017

    Meh i dont care....i actually found Zeldas voice kinda annoying and her cry was over acted. ...

    Write 215

    Same Old Nintendo - KindaFunnyGames

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 January 2017

    potato_hamster said: RolStoppable said: The article was posted in October 2011. At that point in time it was already known that the Vita wouldn't get Monster Hunter. Launch lineup was known. Price was known. The competition (Nintendo) was known. At that point anyone who wasn't a complete Sony fanboy could tell that the Vita would not outsell the 3DS. It's ridiculous that you even...

    Write 157

    Nintendo+PC = Heaven?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 September 2016

    Im not much of a PC gamer guy, never was. So i prefer console, its all a matter if preference not fact and you know what? Thats ok! So my combo is Sony my main and Nintendo my secondary. Usually i purchase playstation first and then the Nintendo console second but after how uninspiring and dissapointing the Wii U was for me i might skip to the NX if it looks promising. However even though i...

    Write 74

    Games that have made you cry?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 September 2016

    Cant say ive ever cried for a game but there have been a few to give me an emotional response. It usually takes alot to get it out of me but a few gems i can remember are.... Metal Gear Solid 4 - ive been playing MGS since i was a kid so to see my hero break, suffer and win was quite moving to me. The last of us - dont really think i need to explain this one.... Journey - such a unique...

    Write 78

    A game like "The Last of Us" should be on the NX.

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 September 2016

    dont see why people are saying no.... The more games the better and the more different kinds of people buying and play a Nintendo console is key to success. So all the Nintendo fanboys should accept and want more games! I would be very interested in playing a Nintendo story based game...but it remains to be seen if they can actually do it well....

    Write 145

    Are you still impressed by Zelda Breath of the Wild?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 August 2016

    Im impressed but not overly impressed like some. The game from what we've seen isnt revolutionary or anything but it does look promising. it looks vast and interesting but very barren and dead. so im 50/50 on the game right now...

    Write 65

    What game are you most excited about?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 August 2016

    Not much but from what i have pre ordered.... The Last Guardian and Horizon are my most anticipated. I aslo have FF15 on order but the more i see of the game the more terrible it looks. But ive been waiting 10 years for the game so on principle i have to play it! Honorable mention is Zelda BotW. Looks promising but not overly hyped or convinced yet. Might be upon release!...

    Write 87

    Best super hero movie ever made.

    in General Discussion on 13 August 2016

    In order my top super hero films are 1. The dark knight 2. Spider man 2 3. 1989 batman 4. Batman under the red hood5. Superman 6. Xmen first class and days of future past7. Gardians of the galaxy   I find the most of marvel movies are fun but nothing amazing, if i had to choose i would say... -iron man 1 - cap America 2 - avengers 1...

    Write 23

    What games have you completed so far? Summer 2016 Edition

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 August 2016

    As i get older i find i have less and less time to game so my list is super small :( PS4: - Dark souls 2 -Street fighter V (keep in mind, you never finish a Street fighter game) - Uncharted Golden Abyss - Uncharted 1,2,3,4 PC: - Overwatch Currently playing: - Furi Yup and thats my list...pretty small this year so far not because of lack of games but lack of time :(...

    Write 93

    Would you buy the Nintendo NX? (Poll)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 July 2016

    All depends what the NX is, how Nintendo will manage it, the games and the price. I for sure want Zelda sooo im going to get one for sure. However i dont know when. I dont want one at launch as i have so much other things i plan to play but it can be holiday 2017 to when the NX gets a price drop. Im not sold on the NX as a gaming station id spend alot of time with so im willing to wait....

    Write 35

    "Offense(s)" you will never forgive/forget from one of your favorite devs/gaming companies

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 July 2016

    Capcom - how they treat megaman and SF5 Nintendo - how they treat there fans and policies, Star fox. Ubisoft - for having so much talent but crap games...

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