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Slimebeast said:
Barozi said:
Conegamer said:
So it's interesting that Lego City 3DS performs better than the Wii U version. And nice hold for Fire Emblem also!

More than likely it didn't. Even with all these new releases at the top it's still a rather low week.
Sadly Chart-Track didn't report the drops/increases this week, but the PS3 version of Injustice did 13.8k last week and is still higher than the 3DS LEGO game.

Assuming a decent drop for Injustice (50%), it did about 6.9k this week,
which is significantly lower than Lego City Undercover for WiiU (9.5k).

Based on that estimate, how much do u fink Dragon's Dogma sold?

Maybe 12k which would break down to 6.7k for 360 and 5.3k for PS3.