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Only NeoGaf claims it runs at 30 fps.

But they base that on a YouTube video.

YouTube only streams their 2D videos at 30 fps locked.

The game is a side scroller, so I would say 60 fps with the 3D ON on firmware 1.0.0-0.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed has the worse frame rate with 3D ON & OFF with a lot of lags more then any other 3DS game ever made, but with Firmware 5.0.0-11 even this game runs at 60 fps with the 3D ON with NO lags.


And Donkey Kong Country Returns must have been a 4th or 5th year Wii game, but the 3DS version is a 2nd year 3DS game.

So this speaks to the 3DS comparison.

Here's a video comparing a 1st year 3DS game to a 5th year Wii game: