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pezus said:
Rogerioandrade said:
With Super Smash Bros, Mario Golf, DKC, Mario & Luigi, Mario Party, Animal Crossing and, specially, the new Pokemon, I think that the 20 million units projection for this year is achievable. But even if it sells one or two million less than that it will be a huge success and it will be a lot more than any other console, home or handheld.
3Ds is already the 2013 winner.

Consider this:

3DS did 14.3m last year (with some major games - not quite as big as this year of course) and 3 months into 2013 it's down 16%+. We're talking about 17.5m in 9 months here, or almost 2m per month. I don't know what kind of boost you guys are expecting from Pokemon, but it certainly won't push 3DS to selling 500k-1m week after week and then 2m per week during the holidays. There would need to be a revision for 3DS to have a chance of reaching 20m.

The holdays were underwhelming though, actually May+ was mostly underwhelming for the 3DS. It's gonna be up YoY in Japan with Pokemon and MH4 coming. Also I think now that LM has released, their will be a more constant release of games. I expect the second half to have a big improvement, and especially the holidays in the west. yes 16% is a lot to catch up to, but if it's even 10% up in the holidays it will more than make up for a lackluster first few months, and I expect it to be 30-40% up.