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Wright said:
kain_kusanagi said:
Wright said:
kain_kusanagi said:
Wright said:
kain_kusanagi said:
I cared about keeping clementine alive in The Walking Dead, but I don't really consider it a real video game. It and Heavy Rain are interactive entertainment, but not video games.

The new Tomb Raider was an emotional ride.

All the Mass Effect games are emotional and Halo 4 is as well.

How come you not consider them videogames?

You don't actualy play them. You only interact with them.

While a lot of things can be argued about Heavy Rain in this regard, you do play The Walking Dead.


No. You need to explore several areas, you choose what to answer, and you do need to resolve several puzzles (Albeit pretty easy ones). On top of that you had several minigames through the episodes. I would definitively say that The Walking Dead is a videogame.

The "explore" parts are really just "find the thing that triggers the next scene".

You say "choose what to answer" and I call it "choose your own adventure book".

The puzzles aren't actual puzzles.

I don't know what you mean by minigames, but if you are talking about shooting zombies and stuff it's barely gameplay. That's more like a quick time event with aiming.

I just don't consider it a full video game. It's almost a video game, but not quite.