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I haven't seen a thread about this, and whatever your opinion of the ending, it was certainly very interesting.

I personally liked it very much, and it made a lot of sense considering the inherent difficulty of writing anything to do with time travel and having it make any kind of sense. I love the little allusions to it throughout the game: Booker saying he ought to go into the prophet business, the seed of the Prophet, the fact that the music people are singing at Booker's baptism is the music you hear when you first arrive in Columbia.

I just had a few issues with it: How did Comstock know about the Mark of the False Shepherd when it never existed in his universe? Who is this Archangel, and how does he know so much? Why couldn't the Luteces kill Comstock without Elizabeth's help?

Those are, however, minor issues in what was a great ending to a great game.

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