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VGKing said:
Mnementh said:
Mazty said:



(Referring specifically to the PS3 vs Gamecube comparison)
That only makes the Gamecube look even worse. PS3 was $600, Gamcube was what? 200?

Anyway PS3 was pretty much guaranteed 3rd party support no matter how poorly it would have sold. Wii U doesn't have that so a slow start is something it may never recover from. It won't peak in its 5th or 6th year like PS3 has.

I think it will. Price cut and games will assure it that. Nintendo expects to ship 1 million units in Jan-March to increase total sales to 4 million. They will most likely miss that number by a good amount considering Nintendo only sold 120k in NA for 2/3rds of the quarter and will most likely sell similarly in March. And selling 175k in Japan and be lucky to pass 200k by the end of March... With things looking worse than NA in Europe. and to top it all off Nintendo wasn't supply constrained for fourth quarter and probably had a lot of stock left over from demand not meeting expectations. So.. how many units could they possibly ship for the entire year if after 6 months they can't even reach 4 million with no holiday sales to help? They will be lucky to reach 6 million (shipped) by it's first year anniversary which means ~5million sold.

So you don't think with a lower price and better sw Nintendo can improve sales in the next few years? I think they will. However, as I made a thread about it, I don't think sales will increase by how much Nintendo fans are wanting or expecting it to. Next years sales might get close to 8million or something and 4th or 5th year sales might get close to 12mil.