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Scoobes said:
okr said:
Zkuq said:
okr said:
Gamers are so easy to please. This HD remake of one of the best RTS games ever looks terrible, I won't get it.

I don't think it was ever called a remake, more like a remastered version. And that HD pretty much means it'll run at HD resolutions out-of-the-box without mods and such, not that it's HD quality.

Okay then, it's just remastered. Whatever. 17 or 18 easy bucks from tens of thousands of gamers around the world donated to the company that shut down Ensemble Studios just because they wanted to. As I said, gamers are easy to please. I'm not a Microsoft hater, I got a 360, but they won't get my money for this. The unneeded shutdown of ES is the one thing about MS I'll never forget.

Personally I think the Steam/Steamworks support is worth the cost alone. Be great to play online multiplayer again.

Exactly. This will bring new life to the online community of the game. People have played AoE 2 online through different services during all these years since the release in 1999 but since Gamespy shut down over 5 years ago only experts remained. Now a release on Steam will give a chance for players of even mediocre skill to play AoE2 online (hopefully).

It's gonna be so awesome!