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Alright guys I really need your help.  I just bought my first Super Nintendo Virtual Console game.  The Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past.  I was so excited to play this game that I haven't seen or played in years.  I sat down, turned it on, but it didn't work :(.   I don't know what to do. The worst part is, it teases me, it taunts me because the music works but there is nothing on the screen.  Let me give you the facts.



- I've played both N64 games and Wii Ware games on my wii before

- I have a composite cable connected to my TV.

- My TV is an LG 42" LCD TV.

-When I press on the Wii home button I see the screen but it disappears once I actually try to play the game.

I tried changing the aspect ration to 4:3 thinking that might be the problem but it still didn't work.  Also my TV says no signal when I try to play it.  CAN SOMEONE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?  I wants me my Zelda :(.