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I still play my Atari VCS as well as my other pre NES stuff of which I maintain a large collection of. Every once in awhile I pull out my collection of Donkey Kong ports and compare them to each other as to the Arcade original. It's silly, but I find it interesting how different they are from each other. Few got everything right, but most got some right. One might have better graphics and speed and another might feel more like the Arcade.

Anyway, has anyone played Halo 2600? It's a really cool "new" Atari VCS game made by Ed Fries, one of the guys that brought Halo to Xbox. He did it all himself. I have the cartridge, but it's rare. You can play it online or in an emulator. Ed gave permission. For anyone who's both into retro games and modern games it's a treat.

This is the box art I made for it. If you do get a cartridge feel free to print this and the manual since they weren't sold with them.



BTW you might get a kick out of this if you ever played Adventure for the Atari VCS:

The game's dragon looked like a mutated duck so I made this to prove that the same amount of pixels and frames could have looked like an actual dragon.