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First off I want to say I'm sorry if I offended anyone here, that really wasn't my intention.

Now I want to add that, revisiting the e-shop yesterday after a few months of not touching my 3DS (I actually loaded my copy of NSMB2 ironically as well), I remembered that Nintendo did have some game offerings at 10$. Pushmo is one example.

I guess that you guys are right, that NSMB and DKCR could be considered premium offerings that have a high entrance fee. The market is paying for them, but I hold to the idea that the sales trend will go down. That's not a big issue as long as Nintendo can adjust its projections to match the reality of it. I expect NSMBU to perform somewhere between the NSMBW and NSMB DS trends. It will do well, but not as well as the Wii version, it will take more time to build the sales. However, since it's a launch title, that is a good strategy as the legs will not be cut short as would be the case with NSMBW.

I just want to say thank you to everyone that participated in this thread and I learned a lot. I hope I didn't offend or hurt anyone in the process.