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amp316 said:

See, that's the thing.  You don't own a Wii U yet and I'm telling you from experience that New Super Mario Bros U is worth every penny.  It's actually one of the top 2D Mario games ever made and the challenges will give a hardcore gamer an enormous amount of additional hours for their buy.

I can imagine. That's where I fall short here, I've never actually played it but I did admit along the thread that U had more detail than the ones before it, so I was open to this idea. I'm glad you brought it up, the U's value in contrast with the ones before it. Someone earlier mentioned integration with miiverse but I'm not sure how convincing that was.

TruckOSaurus said:

I'll start with this point and see if you're really interested in an honest argument.

A1- Consoles are bought mainly by people who want a device dedicate to playing video games.
A2- Smart phones are bought by people who want a cell phone, who want to check their emails on the go, who want to browse the Internet on the go, who need a PDA and people who want to play some games too.

Do you agree that smart phones have a heck of a lot more potential customers? If not, then I give up.

Moving on to the games.

1- Mobile games are simple, quick, fun for a few minutes. They're the kind of games you pull out while you're waiting for someone, while you're on the can, they're something you play when you've got time to kill and they are priced accordingly. Angry Birds isn't worth more than $1 (and most people just go for the free version).
2- Console games are more challenging, have infinetely better gameplay and you can actually sit down and play them for hours straight. They offer more content and better entertainment and of course they are more expensive because they're worth it.

So Angry Birds reaching 250 million downloads (across 5 different games) can't be compared to NSMBW's 26.61 million sales in raw numbers because they live in two very different worlds.

@bold. I don't think I need to prove that to you, sir. You should know that I am by this point in the thread, 6 pages in answering each and every reply sent to me. I am a soul in search of answers, you should have sensed that by now.

A1- I know. I said as much.

A2-I know I said as much.

@Qtn. Yes I do, and I've said as much. And that's why I said Nintendo was capped unless it was able to think outside the box.

1- I realize that, that's why they are so viral. That's why Nintendo's retro offerings struggle to compete with them.

2- I think challenging is a bit pretentious. There are a lot of mobile games I've never beat because they are actually difficult. Infinitely better gameplay is your taste, I respect it, but imho it is untrue. There are games out there at a low price that compete gameplay wise, I don't need to bring up examples, they are loved by many.

Playing them for hours straight, that is true, but like I said in today's day and age people in the greater market are no longer interested in that.

@Point. They are targetting a different market that, on the long term, will decrease over time, while it's already quite small relatively speaking (26m vs 250m). The main market that bought NSMB is also the market that bought Angry Birds, that's why they can be compared. I'm saying that, over time, that 26m figure will decrease due to that simple observation.