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Bristow9091 said:
ishiki said:

500K in the west to 0.7 million overall.  I'm being optimistic I think.

The 4 most comparable titles
Xenoblade sold 0.6 million in the west 0.16 in japan. and got stellar reviews.
The Last Story sold 0.26 in the west and 0.18 in japan.
Lost Odyssey 0.75 in the west 0.11 in Japan (this parts skewed because of obvious reasons.)
Persona 4 sold 0.42 in the west and 0.36 in japan, and got stellar reviews.

Star Oceans numbers are around there as well.

Vgchartz preorders are aweful in accuracy.

Wow, I never realised those games sold that much better in the west than in Japan... interesting, maybe that means Ni no Kuni will pull some impressive numbers in the west afterall, not to mention there's a lot of Studio Ghibli fans in the west too, which should help boost sales. And yeah, the preorder tracking on this site is pretty mediocre at best, but so is the game tracking anyway, look how many games and under and overtracked, lol, but oh well, it's not about that, I'm just using them as a guide anyway, I'm sure once the actual sales numbers release, from NPD or wherever, the numbers will be radically different, but hopefully still in my prediction range, lol.

I'm personally a bit uncertain about how many extra ghibli fans that aren't JRPG fans would buy this game. It's gotten stellar reviews so I'm not sure it gains a whole lot sales-wise by being ghibli but we'll see. This is why I didn't bump up my sales higher.