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I think video game violence as well as movie and TV violence is a problem... for children. Kids shouldn't play stuff unless it's made for kids.

If you not 17 or older then you shouldn't play Mature rated games without your parents permission. Parents that don't pay attention to their kids should be publicly wiped.

There are plenty of great games for you if you are under age. You don't have any kind of fundamental right to play games like Gears of War or God of War until you turn 18. Kid's do not have the same rights as adults, that is a fact, deal with it. When I was a kid my parents were careful about what I could watch and play. I never felt like I was missing out on anything.

Children should have childhoods and don't need to learn about death and war any earlier than they have to. Children deserve innocence and parents who don't read labels have no right to complain. Some games are for adults and some games are for kids. Take the 3 seconds it takes to read the label and do the right thing instead of complaining that GTA made you kid act out at school. You shouldn't have let your kid play the damn game in the first place. Just because it's a video game doesn't mean it's for kids.