painmaster212 said:
mysticwolf said:
If you asked me which would fall first of the big three, I would say Nintendo or Sony.

I dont understand the logic behind some of the people's posts here,they think nintendo is doomed cause it posted it first loss? How many times has that happened to Sony and Microsoft? Yet they both are still around and kicking i mean if theres a game over for any of these company's id have to pick Sony just cause they are losing quite a bit of money overrall but still i feel like they will pass through their storm.Nintendo has too many great series they could pop out at a moments notice and sell millions of. Are we gonna have the same topics when the ps4/xbox 720 come out if they dont sell 10 million day 1?

i didn't say that was my reasoning. Didn't say Nintendo was gonna go down. 

I think Playstation would fall before Nintendo stopped making consoles.

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