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Farsala said:
Salnax said:
Farsala said:
So what is the killer app for the Wii U?

Mario and NintendoLand apparently. Also, Miiverse.

Is mario like mario? or better? No idea about nintendoland people say its the new wii sports.

Mario is 2D Mario. It apparently draws more inspiration from Super Mario World, as opposed to the previous games which drew from SMB3, but it's a pretty vanilla if well-done game. The new parts this time around exhibit Wii U functionality, such as 5 person multiplayer, Tv-less gameplay, HD graphics, Miiverse integration, etc.

Nintendo Land is the new Wii Sports, for both the better and for the worse. It shows off the new controller, has single player and multiplayer minigames, and hints what the future of some Nintendo franchises might be.

Love and tolerate.