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bigdom2786 said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:
Lets see Nintendo preserve next gen multiplats. ;p

And I'm probably gonna offend some people on this board with a Wii U already in hand:


Preserve what exactly....having the inferior version of the game? If the Wii taught us anything ( and I was one of the 97 million customers who brought....was because I gave it away to my little cousin about 6 months ago) is unless the third party developer actually put effort in the Wii U version, it's gonna basically be ok to bad.  There are gonna be some cases where the Wii U version will win out ( NG 3 : Razor's Edge looks to be a decent example of the...only because the orignal game was horrible) but most will be.....meh.

Heh, its funny you say that. They need to find other games to show because right now the launches arent impressive at all. The tablet controller additions to certain games are going to be the deal breaker for multiplats that dont look as good. Most reviews said Razors edge didnt look that hot, especially compared to the PS3/360 versions of Ninja Gaiden. I definitely agree Ninja Gaiden 3 as a whole is a piece of shit. lol