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Chandler said:
Train wreck said:
Teriol said:
VGKing said:
BasilZero said:
I thought this was gonna be an announcement for "Nintendo All Stars Battle Royale" after I saw the title.

Oh no, Nintendo's taking a quote from Sony. Nintendo copies Sony confirmed.

You missed the point. Read the text I pulled from the article.

Sony and Microsoft are trying to preserve sales of PS3 and 360 by delaying next-gen as long as possible.(milking) I just thought it was funny how he took a jab at them...
Ironically though, the only reason Wii U is releasing this year is because Nintendo's own console, the Wii, couldn't preserve its sales....

you are so cute, and always make my day of lol's

oh i forgot... Wii stop selling well because nintendo kill it  in order to focus on new platforms :)

How does killing success feel like?

Pretty much like a PS3 launch.

game, set and match.