rocketpig said:
kain_kusanagi said:
Chrome Books have got to be the worst idea of all time.

"Do you like the internet?"


"Good, because you can't do anything without it."

Seriously, why would anyone pay money for a product that becomes useless the moment you walk outside the building? Honestly, I want to know.

I don't have a use for a Chromebook myself (I'm a developer, need a PC/Mac) but if I walked outside with one, I'd simple power up my phone hotspot.

There are very few situations where I do not have a readily-available connection to the internet.

From my perspective a Chromebook can't do anything better than a Netbook or a Tablet other than keeping your data safe in the cloud rather than in jeopardy on a harddrive that could be stolen or broken. But you can use cloud storage on any PC or Tablet so I just don't see the point. Sure you can pay for extra data to use it away from WiFi, but a netbook or tablet keeps on chugging along even if the you loose data access.