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Games taking some cues from movies is fine in small bursts, games taking every cue from Hollywood is not, it is the very thing that has defined and defiled (pardon the poor pun) this generation and is making older gamers shy away in disgust. Its the equivalent of turning all cars into bumper cars to entertain a greater mass and make driving a safer experience, car enthusiasts would be aghast at the notion.
The Hollywoodification (long-ass word that doesn't exist) of the gaming industry is bad news for anyone who cares about depth, soul, story, real content and longevity as well as replay value.
Quick-time events, aim-assists, press win button and other goodies are the Justin Bieber of the gaming world and are starting to set the norm and standard for the whole industry.

In summary, for me at least, this does not bode well for the future. Not well at all.