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spurgeonryan said:
Yes. Good article bro.

Where would you like to see games go in the future? I am not talking about virtual or more Butter graphix either.

Thanks. Like I said in the article, the one thing that I think makes movies true successes is the ability to tap into the excitement and emotions that certain hollywood movies were able to achieve.

I would like video games to take cues from that in the artistic design of the visuals, but also in the development of the plot, the camera angles, the visual effects (sand, snow), and the twists/unexpected unraveling of riddles that we see in movies, for both the puzzles and the plot. And also, very imporatantly, whit and humor.

I'd like to see less focus on action, but more focus on the emotion of the action. Here's a good example:

In this scene, indy is fighting a very big guy in a fist fight, and has little chance of winning, so he uses his whit to have the big guy hit the plane's propeller.