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godf said:
Microsoft are more likely to drop prices this year than sony.

I wouldn't be surprised if the two consoles sold arround equal ammounts this year; and after that? Who knows. I don't see the PS3 overtaking the 360 in the next 18 months though. That would need 360 sales to really dry up, and PS3 sales to rapidly expand. If that looked like happening, microsoft would definatly drop prices.

Sony is more likely to drop prices. It’s still priced higher then what I think they wanted to sell it for originally. Once they can do that and not take a loss, they will drop the price, regardless of sales and what MS does.


If MS is going to drop the price, it’s because they have to (sales slump or Sony drops there). Remember everyone; every MS price cut was due to a move Sony made, not the other way around.


Sony is going to drop the price regardless. Once it hit’s 299, they will only drop the price for reactionary reasons.