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Khuutra said:
I don't play but I do support this topic.

Tell me about World vs. World, Kantor, that stuff sounds cool.

I actually haven't tried it yet (I only got the game on Friday) but I'll give it a shot. Maybe it will convince you.

So, ArenaNet decided that unstructured in-world PvP was a bit of a mess. They didn't like the idea that you are minding your own business and doing some quests, and then someone of the opposing faction comes along and kills you. So all of the PvP is structured. Every race is allied with every other, but they do fight each other for enjoyment.

So from each major city you can take a portal to Lion's Arch, which is the World vs World hub, as such. From there, you join a battleground. There are hundreds of players from each world, and you complete objectives and fight the other team. You can enter or leave at any point.


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