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I could use this space to write enormous amounts of information about Guild Wars 2, but instead I will link you to the excellent Gamewise page. Use your VGC login and password to get in there, or sign up with a new account if for whatever reason you can't get in.

Guild Wars 2 has been making waves across the internet for many months before it was released, and I'm sure that even a small community such as ours will have a few players.

Do post if you do play, and include your username (including the number) and your world.

Username: Kantor.5619

World: Fort Aspenwood


World transfers are currently free. This will not be the case forever. If anyone wants to switch around, do it now.

I am not entirely closed off to the idea of changing world, especially since I am currently on an American one at the behest of a couple of people from gamrReview, but I imagine most of you are living in NA as well, and the latency is barely noticable.

It should also be mentioned that a guesting feature whereby you can invite other people to your world to quest and generally frolic around is in the works, but no release date has yet been given for it.

So, use this thread to share your username and world (I'll add them into the OP if enough come in) and generally to discuss Guild Wars 2.

Any and all spoilers must be spoiler tagged. Highlight the spoiler text, mouse over the "Styles" drop-down menu, and select "Spoiler". You will see the text highlighted in black. Failure to do this may result in moderation.

So, be civil, be respectful, and start posting!

(Former) Lead Moderator and (Eternal) VGC Detective